Study outputs

Knowledge translation is a major component of this research program. We are committed to enhancing the interface between research and policy, and promoting evidence-informed policy. The findings of this study will be published in international peer-reviewed journals, with the outcomes being widely disseminated throughout the nation and international cycling and road safety community. All major outputs can be found here, with regular updates as new information becomes available.


Safer cycling in the urban road environment: study approach and protocols guiding an Australian study

Much of the research into cyclist safety in Australia has focused on behaviour with less focus on the impact of the urban transport environment on cyclist safety. A greater understanding of the urban transport system and the improvements needed to create a safer cycling environment are essential if cyclists are to be safe and increased cycling participation targets are to be achieved. The proposed study will use existing cyclist crash data along with unique cyclist exposure data to develop road infrastructure prototypes that improve cyclists’ safety and evaluate the effectiveness of these prototypes in a cycling simulator.

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